Street Lighting Hybrid Systems

„Saules enerģijas ieleja” LLC offers street lighting hybrid systems, wherein both wind turbines and solar panels are used. Such a hybrid system transforms wind and solar energy into electricity, thus providing an energy source to a street lamp system. This system uses only and exclusively solar and wind energy, which removes the necessity of additional electricity source. Street lighting hybrid system bears no exploitation costs, since it uses only and exclusively natural resources without damaging the environment. What is more, this system is very economic and ideally replaces the usual street lamp system. The system of such type is used world-wide in parks, bus-stops, high-quality residential areas, golf fields and other places.

            In order to allow You to understand how a hybrid system works, the information about the system’s specification is presented below:

  • Solar panels 120W * 2 pc.;
  • Wind generators + blades 400W/24V;
  • LED lamps 60W;
  • 100Ah battery * 2 pc.;
  • Hybrid controller;
  • Mast 8m with solar panel bindings.