Solar Fotovolt Panels

„Saules enerģijas ieleja” LLC offers solar panel system solutions. Solar fotovolt panels are made of monocrystal cells. It is an environmental-friendly, long-running (>35 years) technology that can be placed on houses’ roofs and walls or on specially developed frameworks located on the ground. Panel’s aluminum alloy frame is highly resistive against corrosion and protects from damage that may be caused by wind, snow and hail.

            People often have a misjudged opinion that a solar panel can only be properly and effectively utilized in warm lands, but it is wrong. Latvia has very suitable climatic conditions – clear skyand relatively cool weather, which is important, because upon exceeding +30 degrees the solar panel is unable to function with full power.

            The advantages of using a solar panel:

Solar energy is available everywhere in the world, it is inexhaustible and free of charge;
Energy creation process does not generate hazardous emissions and waste;
Possibility to reduce energetic dependency and costs for electrical energy;
Possibility to acquire electrical energy in places that have no electrical connections;
Long-running technology (35 years and more);
Possibility to combine solar panels with wind generators.
„Saules enerģijas ieleja” LLC offers only high-class solar panels and aluminum bindings produced in Germany, including special ground-mounted systems. German manufacturers work only with high-quality raw materials and conduct constant quality control of their products, thus achieving 35 year warranty. Correct mounting and installation of solar panels is important as well, that is why highly-qualified specialists perform quality system installation and connection.